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Free Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities for Teaching Africa

Ancient and Medieval Africa - Lesson plans and classroom activities

  1. Apply for a Job, iuncludes How to write a letter of interest for a job (Donn)

  2. Mansa Musa - The Mali Reporter (lesson plan, Donn)

  3. Define matrilineal and patrilineal descent. Research African societies in which each is the basis for inheritance. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each form of descent as it relates to the increase of nationalism.

  4. Explain why anyone trying to describe a "typical" African or African village will find it very hard to do with any accuracy.

  5. Discuss how a country might develop a high standard of living and prosper even though it has few natural resources. 

  6. Ancient Egypt Unit (Donn)

Interactive: Bingo - U.S. - Africa Connections!  Very fun, an eye opener

Ancient and Medieval Africa Unit - focus is Ghana and Mali where the Islamic influences were strong, plus the geography and its impact on culture, and the importance of oral tradition. Classroom activities include Proverbs and Folk Tales

Trade: Pawn Stars Africa (African Trade Activity, Mr Roughton)

Kingdoms: Ancient African Kingdoms - Benin, Ghana, Mali, Songhay - Lesson Plans (several)

Fables, Stories, Proverbs: African Fables, Stories, Folktales, and Proverbs - Lesson Plans (several)

Visuals: Using Visuals to Teach About Africa

African Arts: African Art, Drums, Masks, and More - Lesson Plans (several)

Ancient Africa Lesson Plans (multiple lessons and days, plans for the entire unit by our good friend Mr. Dowling)

European Imperialism, The Scamble for Africa - lesson, video (Ted Ed)

Africa UNITS (Yale Ed, you'll need to search, but it's worth it!)

CanTeach - Africa - Africa Unit Plan