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Lesson Plans
African Kingdoms

Lesson Plan (Mr.Donn)  The drums have spread the word that there are three important job openings in the Kingdom of Songhay! Apply for one of the jobs listed below and your fortune will be assured! Your letter of interest must include your qualifications and experience.




Must be able to:

Make Appointments

Settle Disputes

Listen to Reports

Collect Gold Nuggets

Conduct Ceremonies

Must be able to:

Talk to Gods

Make Rain

Protect People against sorcerers

Conduct Funerals

Must be able to:

Solve Problems

Capture Many Slaves

Speak Many Languages

Ride a Camel
Conduct Trades

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Same lesson as above but substitute Kingdom of Mali for the Kingdom of Songhay

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Apply for a Job with instuctions on how to write a letter of interest for a job

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