Ancient Africa for Kids Illustration

Ancient Africa for Kids

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Kush

Kingdom of Ghana

Kingdom of Mali

Kingdom of Songhay

Kingdom of Benin

Griots (storytellers)

Anansi the Spider (story)

The Lion's Whisker (story)

More Fables & Stories

African Proverbs

Kinship & Common Good

Trans-Sahara Trade Routes

Gold for Salt

Sundiata, the Lion King

Mansa Musa

African Religions

African Masks

Sounds of Africa (Drums)

Symbols (mud cloth, more)

African Arts

Maps & Geography

Sahara Desert

The Congo River

The Nile River

Rise of Islam

The Slave Trade

The San People

African Animals


African Craft Ideas for Kids

African Countries Today

Lesson Plans for Teachers for Africa

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Our first feedback (Wow! Thank you!):
"Your units are exactly what I had hoped for
--readable, interesting topics that fit my curriculum objectives
with lots of structured activities to bring it alive.
World History will be the class we all look forward to every day."

Mr. Donn and Maxie's Ancient History PowerPoints Series
Written by Lin & Don Donn,
illustrated by Phillip Martin, Published by Good Year Books

Mr. Donn and Maxie's Always Something You Can Use Series
Written by Lin & Don Donn, Published by Good Year Books

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