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Ancient African Kingdoms -  Ghana, Mali, Songhay - Lesson Plans 

African Fables, Stories, Folktales, and Proverbs - Lesson Plans

African Art, Drums, Masks - Lesson Plans

Free Presentations in PowerPoint format about Ancient, Medieval and Modern Africa - History, Culture, Religions, Geography

Africa - It's Not a Country - Many wonderful mini-units

Unit 1: Origin: Out of Africa  

Unit 2: Let My People Go, 1619-1865  

Unit 3: Up from Bondage, 1866-1939  

Unit 4: Civil Rights and Beyond, 1939-Present  

Out of Africa A Fourth Grade Interdisciplinary UNIT

Passport to Africa UNIT

A Celebration of Africa UNIT

Ancient Africa Lesson Plans (multiple lessons and days, plans for the entire unit)

The Great African Bicycle Safari

West Africa (several)

Central and East Africa (several) 

African Craft Ideas for Kids

Incredibly Successful Student Productions (Free Play for the Classroom)

Paraphrasing - Timbuktu in Your Own Words- interactive lesson

Be an African family - Kenya, Uganda (role play, lesson plan)

Lesson Plans for Specific African Countries

Western Africa/Egypt teachers guide (kids pages)

Africa UNITS

Africa - South of the Sahara (Stanford.edu)

African Unit Plan (lesson) 

African Folktales 

African Songs, Chants, and Games 

Safari Scope 

7 Natural Wonders of Africa

Navigating the Niger (ng) 

Africa - Physical Geography Content Guide for Educators

Africa - Human Geography Content Guide for Educators

Pygmies - Getting Right to the Point

Beautiful Blue Nile  

Ancient Egypt

The Story of Africa 

CanTeach - Africa - Africa Unit Plan

Exploring Africa Unit

Exploring the Diversity of Africa

Learning about Africa

Examining Africa’s Diversity

Examining Africa’s Global Connections

African History until 1500

African History 1500 to the Present

The Story of Africa (teachers, background) 

African Politics and Government

Africa and the World 

Lesson Ideas

  1. Define matrilineal and patrilineal descent. Research African societies in which each is the basis for inheritance. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each form of descent as it relates to the increase of nationalism.

  2. Explain why anyone trying to describe a "typical" African or African village will find it very hard to do with any accuracy. 

  3. Discuss how a country might develop a high standard of living and prosper even though it has few natural resources.



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